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May 1, 2009

New Newspaper Issue 185

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Hey, Zeldar Here! Check out this awesome site:

Club Penguin has released the new newspaper issue #185 and I am here to tell you whats in it!

There is a new story on a page in the newspaper telling you that the Medieval party is coming out on May 8-17 and everybody is waiting for it, so get up and get ready for the new Medieval party coming out next week!


Starting tomorrow, penguins who are PSA agents or tour guides will get paid with Club Penguin coins. The paycheck comes to your penguin and in your mail icon. This is a good idea! I can’t wait for tomorrow! A lot of things come out.


On May 8-June 11, there will be a new play. Old items like viking helmets and ghost costumes will be brought back! Old items are the best, I can’t wait for them!


Finally, the upcoming events! All the pictures above are in 2 pages wich are under these words. If you want them all together, they are under the picture of the upcoming events. The only thing that isn’t in the pictures above is the new catalog and the new pin. The catalog comes out tomorrow on May 1-June 4 and the pin is hidden on May 8-21.


Penguins get paid on May 1.

The Medieval party is out on May 8-17.

The pin is hidden on May 8-21.

The new Penguin Style Catalog comes out on May 1 – June 4.

The new play is on May 8 – June 11.

Yes! Starting tomorrow, a lot of things come out on Club Penguin! Get ready for tomorrow, get up, go on the computer, go on this site and I will post the new Club Penguin cheats!



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