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April 24, 2009

New Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 184

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Hey, Zeldar3 here!

Club Penguin released the new issue of Club Penguin Times

Here’s in the news:

Club Penguin Medieval Party

Ooh! I can’t wait for the Medieval Party! When I looked in the year book

I said”This party will be awesome, I can’t wait for it!”. I really can’t wait!


And Billybob posted this Sneak Peak!


Club Penguin Furniture Updates

If your a nature-lover, then this catalog fits you! Plants, are here!

Well, I hope CP added the Gnome so it will be more cooler!

New catalog will be coming May 24!


Club Penguin Secret Agent and Tour Guide Salary Update

Woohoo! Finally, secret agents and tour guides will be paid every month for 250 coins!

So that means, if your a secret agent and a tour guide at the same time, you’ll get 500 coins!

This project will be on May 1


Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming updates!


Starting tomorrow, new toboggans and new tracks will be released!


On May 1-June 4, new clothing catalog will be released! On May 8-17, Medieval Time invades CP!

And better get the Chocolate Bunny Pin! It will be hidden until April23!

And That’s All!



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