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May 5, 2009

Club Penguin – New Stage Play Coming!

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What do you get when you mix up some actors and a ghost… a detective and a hysterical singer? We hope you get a new Club Penguin play that you say is really cool! The newspaper will have an update for you on Thursday, but I managed to get this picture for you to ponder…

newplay.jpgThe new play will start this Friday, May 8 (the same day as the start of the Medieval Party)! Tell us about your favorite ways to be creative at the Stage!!



May 4, 2009

Penguins Getting Paid!

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Here are the postcards sent:



Tour Guide Postcard


Note: The images above are just SWF’s

Secret agents and tour guides are paid250 coins each month. So if your both agent and tour guide, you”ll get 500 each month!


Rockhopper in Walt Disney World!

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We’ve heard from some of you who have had the chance to meet Rockhopper in Florida and we really appreciate that you are sharing the experience! Here’s what some of you have said:

“I’m always looking for him in Club Penguin but now I got to meet him in real life!”

“Meeting him was awesome and the blue penguin was really funny.”

May-2-EN.jpgFor those of us who can’t be there, we really appreciate that you’re writing to us to let us know what it’s like!


May 3, 2009

Club Penguin May 2009 Catalog Secrets

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The new Penguin Style Catalog came out and I want to surprise you by telling the secrets for them. Also, if you scroll down, you will find the new login screen and a picture where im in.

Italic writing = What to click to get the item

Bold writing = What the item is when you click that item

Go to the first page. Click the gray spot beside the crown wich the king is wearing and something will pop up asking you to buy a Crystal Staff.


Go to the first page. Click the window at the far right of your screen and something will pop up asking you to buy a Woodsmans Hat.

woodsmanshatGo to the second page. Click the dragons shadow and something will pop up asking you to buy a Blue Dragon Suit.

nlue-dragon-suitGo the third page. Click the tea cup on the table and something will pop up asking you to buy a Black Graduation Cap. back-graduation-cap4

Go to the seventh page. Click the background and something will pop up asking you to buy a Red Viking Helmet.

red-viking-helmetOpen and close the Red Viking Helmet 3 times and when your at the fourth time, open it and don’t close it. Something will pop up asking you to buy a Blue Viking Helmet.

blue-viking-helmetGo to the eighth page. Click the “FEE” and something will pop up asking you to buy a Spikester.

the-spikesterGo to the ninth page. Click the pocket wich is on the hoodie someguy is wearing and something will pop up asking you to buy a Boa. boa

There’s a new log-in screen, check this out:login-screen

May 1, 2009

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Out in Australia and New Zealand!

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hey, Zeldar here!

Today we wanted to give a really loud shout-out to our penguins down under and say thanks for making the Elite Penguin Force DS game #1 in Australia and New Zealand!!

epfimages.jpgYour excitement about the game has really caught on here – and it has the team talking about the great sense of community in Club Penguin. Even though Australia and New Zealand look far away on a globe, we’re all part of one amazing community. The excitement from players all over the world is what makes the Club Penguin community so awesome.

So, Australia and New Zealand… Thank you! Without your support, and the enthusiasm of all the Club Penguin players around the globe, special milestones like this wouldn’t happen.

New Newspaper Issue 185

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Hey, Zeldar Here! Check out this awesome site:

Club Penguin has released the new newspaper issue #185 and I am here to tell you whats in it!

There is a new story on a page in the newspaper telling you that the Medieval party is coming out on May 8-17 and everybody is waiting for it, so get up and get ready for the new Medieval party coming out next week!


Starting tomorrow, penguins who are PSA agents or tour guides will get paid with Club Penguin coins. The paycheck comes to your penguin and in your mail icon. This is a good idea! I can’t wait for tomorrow! A lot of things come out.


On May 8-June 11, there will be a new play. Old items like viking helmets and ghost costumes will be brought back! Old items are the best, I can’t wait for them!


Finally, the upcoming events! All the pictures above are in 2 pages wich are under these words. If you want them all together, they are under the picture of the upcoming events. The only thing that isn’t in the pictures above is the new catalog and the new pin. The catalog comes out tomorrow on May 1-June 4 and the pin is hidden on May 8-21.


Penguins get paid on May 1.

The Medieval party is out on May 8-17.

The pin is hidden on May 8-21.

The new Penguin Style Catalog comes out on May 1 – June 4.

The new play is on May 8 – June 11.

Yes! Starting tomorrow, a lot of things come out on Club Penguin! Get ready for tomorrow, get up, go on the computer, go on this site and I will post the new Club Penguin cheats!


April 30, 2009

Awesome Quickee Party!

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Know what? We had an awesome quickee party and it was a blast! Here are the photos:


The photos were taken at Yeti.

We first started the party at the Town, then we headed to the Night Club! It was really awesome!

Here are the next info for our party:

Server: White Out

Room: Dock, Ski Village, iceBerg then Night Club


Party time coming soon!

Club Penguin Wig Challenge Update

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Talk about hair-raising madness all over the island – There have been so many awesome groups of penguins who are all wacky and wigged out! It was hard to choose. But our favorite group was probably this one:


We loved all the wig talk! If you didn’t make it into this shot, we’ll be doing more of these mini-challenges. What do you think?
Congratulations to everyone who wore wigs! Don’t forget that the new Penguin Style will be out on Friday and some amazing costumes will be available to get you ready for the olde knightly adventures that await ye.


Beacon Light Cheat – Light Switch

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Heres the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Beacon, you can do this by clicking the map and then go to the beach then head to the lighthouse and click the sign “To Top” or by your spy phone

Step 2: Click the light switch untitled

And then look:



I think Club Penguin forgot this one from the Easter Egg Hunt! 😀

April 28, 2009

Penguin Style on Friday!

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Hey Zeldar here!

With a brand new Penguin Style catalog coming out on Friday, we thought we’d get you thinking wigs. So we want to give you a challenge:

Get as many of your penguin friends as you can into an area — with wigs! The more wigs, the better! The wackier the wigs, the better! We’ll be on the lookout for a cool screenshot to feature on Wednesday’s blog. Which wig will you be wearing?

Here’s a peek of some hair you might find in Friday’s catalog:

medieval hair.jpg
The Medieval Party starts on May 8 – and to me, this hair looks like it might be used to befriend dragons and climb castles…


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